How Civil Society Organizations In South Sudan (CSOs) can Identify and Collaborate with Like Minded Organizations

Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries, and technical innovation will play a crucial role in almost every sector of our country’s economy. The under representation of women in tech is not a new topic, and even though progress has been made, it is moving at an extremely slow pace, and this issue will become a fundamental economic challenge for the South Sudan’s economy if unaddressed.

South Sudan. When women are included in the technology industry, they can help drive economic growth and development, which can benefit everyone in the community. Additionally, promoting gender equality can help create a more peaceful and stable society, as it reduces the likelihood of conflict and violence.

All in all, men play a significant part role to play in promoting gender equality and women’s inclusion in technology in South Sudan. By advocating for diversity and innovation, challenging harmful gender stereotypes, creating opportunities for women, and building stronger communities, men can help create a more equitable and prosperous society for everyone.

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